6 Steps to Counter Depression !

Many a times, I have been asked about Depression ! This is an importantly eternal topic all over the globe – How to overcome depression? How to do it? Well, I should tell you at least 6 steps to counter Depression! Read Along. Observation: See how it arises. See what happens first. A painful feeling … Read more 6 Steps to Counter Depression !

Have you muted your Notifications today?

I asked someone whom I met very recently “Have you muted your Notifications today?” The usual look & the obvious question was “What is it that you are talking about? Why mute them?” Little did the person realize that we were discussing something important & the notifications were coming continuously – Well that’s their job … Read more Have you muted your Notifications today?

Do you feel stressed everyday?

Towards the North of your body, lies a great thinker – We call it “MIND”. What, according to you, is the Mind’s Job? Yes – You guessed it right! To Think Mind is a very professional & committed employee of your organization(read: body) & meets its KRA every single time.According to a research, it is … Read more Do you feel stressed everyday?

P-A-I-D Reality

In this digital age, we are always under (P)ressure,be it professionally or on personal front. Sometimes we are busy without work too because we become habitual of the pressure & unknowingly, it takes a toll on our health & mind. Pre-occupation is dangerous. We are in (A)lways ON mode – referring to the digital age … Read more P-A-I-D Reality

Let’s talk about Mindfulness

In my previous post 👇  , I left you with a food for thought – Mindful or Mind Full?   Mindful or Mind Full? Mindfulness, in simple terms is, the practice of developing a non-judgmental attention towards yourself & others, a practice to build up your focus, resilience & increased attention span. Allow me take you … Read more Let’s talk about Mindfulness