Let’s talk about Mindfulness

In my previous post 👇  , I left you with a food for thought – Mindful or Mind Full?  

Mindful or Mind Full?

Mindfulness, in simple terms is, the practice of developing a non-judgmental attention towards yourself & others, a practice to build up your focus, resilience & increased attention span.

Allow me take you to a small background when I was introduced to Nicherin Buddhism about 6 years ago & since then have become much calmer person & when mindfulness happened , it changed the trajectory completely. First the conceptual knowledge & then the mindfulness practice changed my thoughts for good & suddenly had a lot of clarity in my thoughts – positive thoughts which eventually are leading me to lead a happy & content life – both personally & professionally. A daily practice is helping me being in the present & fully aware.

You too, can be on your way from MindFull to Mindful.

More on this later. Stay Tuned.

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