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Mindfulness with Manish

Manish Bhatia's Personal Meeting Room on Zoom

Manish welcomes you on-board to explore "Mindfulness"  Mindfulness, in simple terms is, the practice of developing a non-judgmental attention towards yourself & others,. A practice to build up your focus, resilience & increased attention span. A daily practice is helping me being in the present. Yes, you heard that right ! Mindfulness is a journey ... Read more

Sales Training Webinar

Manish Bhatia's Personal Meeting Room on Zoom

For those who want to make a career in Sales: Experience Required to Register  for Sales Training Webinar-> 0 -3 Years **Freshers are Most Welcome** “Care enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.” –Anthony Iannarino Do you know that you too can SELL? Grab this excellent opportunity ... Read more

Stress & Anger Management Webinar

Manish Bhatia's Personal Meeting Room on Zoom

Let us Get Together for a Webinar on Stress & Anger Management. Yes, it's testing time all over the globe because #Corona is spreading fast and #SocialDistancing is the need of hour.  The positive side of the situation we all are in today is that we never had so much time together as a family. This ... Read more

Mindful Greetings !
Hey, am so happy that you are reading my thoughts & this pop-up is not to disturb you, but to Wish you a lot of Happiness & Mindfulness today !
Enjoy your Reading !