Man sitting on rock surrounded by water. He is meditating

A Brief Intro

“Training proves to be the key ingredient to handling any situation”.

Having had the privilege of being instrumental in Product/Sales Training, aspects of CRM & Emotional Intelligence & being the sought out and hands-on person to train or mentor colleagues, training professionally became a natural choice & the brand  “To be Continued” was conceived.

To enhance the skills, myself, Manish Bhatia, trained in Mindfulness as a Certified Trainer and bringing a positive change all around with my workshops.

During one of the events as a Guest Speaker

Leiden University, Netherlands too conferred me with a certificate in “De-Mystifying Mindfulness” very recently.

A practitioner and firm believer for many years now, in the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism that believes in contributing to world peace, culture and education, the aim is to create a happy and positive culture around us!

Training have played an integral part in my growth process. The will and desire to share knowledge, educate and mentor people has always been my strength and has helped me find my true calling too.

That’s where the workshops on Mindfulness, Stress & Anger Management and Self-Awareness can play a vital role. Mindfulness, in simple terms, enhances clarity, focus, attention, resilience and also greatly helps in quick decision-making. This practice is furthermore beneficial in reducing a number of stress-related concerns.